Sticky Manilla White Ones

The first thing I noticed about these hookbaits was the tiny brown and black flecks peppering the surface.

On closer inspection it turns out these are actually little bits of nut and real vanilla pod, just like what’s used in the standard Manilla mix. The creamy white colour makes them stand out on the lake bed and the intense sweet smell and flavouring further enhances their attraction. Carp are naturally inquisitive and invariably hungry, and these food-based hookbaits play on both those traits and have proven very effective since launching last year. Like all items in the Manilla range these super-buoyant pop-ups smell sweet and nutty with that unmistakable hit of vanilla. Available in 12mm and 16mm diameters, the smaller ones are great for both zigs and snowman presentations, while the larger ones are the ideal choice for chod rigs and larger snowman presentations. Supplied in 100g tubs, each retailing at £6.50.

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