Sticky Manilla Pellets

There was a time when I thought most fishing pellets were sprayed with a bit of flavour and bagged up ready to use.

Perhaps a lot are, but having witnessed firsthand how these Manilla Pellets are prepared and the time and effort put into making them it’s remarkable they don’t cost twice as much. Starting with a highly attractive pellet in its own right, these are coated with a binder that makes them sticky. They are then treated to a special coating of essential Manilla ingredients including defatted peanut meal, tiger nut meal and a lot of high quality milk proteins. After they have been allowed to dry you have a stable pellet that can be conveniently used like any other. Once immersed in water they slowly start to break down and as they do so they release their attraction into the water. These attractants form a milky white haze around the pellets and small particles drift up through the water column, further spreading the attractive scent. If you get a chance, throw some in a glass of water and see the process for yourself. I enjoyed a lot of success throughout 2016 fishing high attract wafters over these pellets and this will be my main approach again this year.

Manilla Pellets are available in 2.3mm, 4mm and 6mm diameters in 900g and 2½kg bags costing £4.99 and £12.50 respectively.

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