Star-Flite Stainless S3 Range


With so many bank-ware options, it’s difficult to make your stainless products stand out from the crowd.

Nottingham based Star-Flight Stainless has developed a range of stainless bank-ware that is instantly distinguishable from the masses with its bulbous neck, rounded fittings and special Trent-LoQ clamping mechanism, and best of all, it’s all made in the UK. The same locking mechanism also prevents the internal part of the bankstick extending beyond its maximum length. In a bit of a geeky way I’ve taken the locking assembly apart a couple of times to admire its simplicity and functionality.

The actual lock is tightened with a quick-release type pin that can be completely removed to leave your setup looking sleek and minimising the chance of your line catching on parts. The locking mechanism on the sticks fixes solid with no twist or movement whatsoever. The Banksticks, like all Star Flite products, are finished to a very high standard and feature a very sharp solid point. They come in four sizes: 8-12in., 12-19in., 16-28in. and 20-35in., and retail between £25.99 and £31.99 each. Star-Flite’s Martin Roe told Carp-Talk: “We believe these are the most reliable banksticks made in Britain – you will too!”

The S3 2-Rod Dinky Buzz Bars are seriously neat and have been developed for the style-conscious angler. Smooth, sleek and stylish these buzz bars look the part and will last forever. They are available in four widths to suit a wide range of reels (5½in., 6in., 6½in. and 7in.). Retailing at £19.99 each, they are an investment that will last a lifetime.

The S3 Stabilisers are made from solid stainless steel and have a similar looking mechanism to that of the banksticks, featuring a removable locking pin. Sold in pairs, the S3 Stabilisers retail at £24.50.

Another neat idea from Star-Flite Stainless is the S3 Palm Saver. Designed to fit over the top of your banksticks before inserting them into the ground, it greatly increases the surface area allowing you to apply lots of pressure without hurting your hand. These handy devices retail at £7.49 each but are currently on offer for just £5.

There is a wide range of products available; Three-rod Fixed Buzz Bars, Snag Bars, Stage Stands, Stage Stand Diddy Sticks and a whole host of other goodies. For further information about this impressive range of stainless bank-ware give Martin and Wendy Roe a call on 01159 784558 – they’ll be happy to help.

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