Spotted Fin BetaFin Pellets

These BetaFin Pellets from Spotted Fin are loaded with attractive ingredient including a high dose of betaine to really help stimulate fish to feed.

Natural oils within each pellet help draw the fish in from the upper layers, and as pellets break down they continue to release these attractive qualities into the water column for an extended period. BetaFin Pellets can be used on their own, in PVA bags, added to spod and groundbait mixes, but my preferred method would be to catapult a pinch over my spots regularly to help introduce fresh attractants and hopefully induce a take. Available in 2mm and 4mm diameters, in 1kg, 3kg, 5kg bags retailing at £4, £11.50, and £18 respectively.

Spotted Fin offers loads more pellet options including: Premium Carp, Premium Coarse, Halibut, Premium Red Select, Premium Select, Red Halibut, and Tiger Nut Pellets too!

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