Shimano Baitrunners

Both the Big Baitrunner and Medium Baitrunner have undergone a major facelift, apart from the obvious cosmetic changes these workhorse reels also incorporate many of the latest technological advances seen on Shimano’s top end reels.

These include X-Ship gearing which offers increased cranking power and smoothness thanks to a larger diameter drive gear, moving the pinion gear closer to the centre of the drive gear and adding by having the drive gear supported by bearings on either side. Both reels feature large AR-C spools, this combined with slow oscillation and the Aero Wrap II line lay system ensures maximum casting performance.

Both sizes of Baitrunner offer awesome casting performance; the Big version is perfect for tackling the largest carp waters and the smaller Medium version is the ideal choice for medium sized waters. Both the Big- and Medium Baitrunner come supplied with line reducers meaning you don’t have to load the spools up with vast amounts of line if you don’t wish to.

The Big Baitrunner XT-B LC retails at £199.99, holds a whopping 600m of 0.30mm line and weighs in at 720g. Whilst the Medium Baitrunner XT-B LC retails at £189.99, holds 390m 0.30mm line and weighs 560g.

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