RIP The Parrot

The British record carp, the Parrot, was found dead in its home of Cranwells Lake on the Wasing Estate, Berkshire, on Wednesday morning, 2nd August.

The fish took the British record off Conningbrook’s Two-Tone when caught at 68lb 1oz by Dean Fletcher in January 2016 and was banked numerous times in its life over the 60lb mark.

Speaking to Carp-Talk, Dean said: “I was actually fishing on the next-door lake when heard about it, so there was obviously quite a somber atmosphere about the place. It’s just such a shame, really. The fish was a freak of nature, it really was, and I just feel sorry for the lads, including a number of my friends, who were still fishing for it and those on the waiting list. It made a lot of anglers’ dreams come true, in particular mine.

“It will always hold a special place in my heart and I’ll never forget that warm day in January for as long as I live. I honestly don’t know if it would have ever topped 68lb 1oz again, as I just happened to catch it at the perfect time, but it always maintained a steady weight no matter how often it got caught.

“I certainly don’t expect it will hold the British record forever, as I’m sure that when it goes it will go to an imported fish, but for me, it would be fitting if the fish that takes the crown is the Burghfield Common. It’s the only British-bred fish that comes close to it at the moment.”

Dean Fletcher set a new British record when he caught the Parrot at 68lb 1oz in January 2016

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