FIRST LOOK: RidgeMonkey Armoury Tacklebox

There is no doubt that being well organised is paramount in any pastime and fishing is no exception: with so many different small items needed to cover most situations a well-stocked tackle box is a key part of any successful anglers approach. Step forward the RidgeMonkey Armoury Tackle Box: the only all-in-one tackle box available on the market today, developed to safely and efficiently store all the end tackle you will ever need with a massive 29 compartments of various sizes, three separate rig boards and an efficiently spacious single-unit design. The RidgeMonkey Armoury tackle box is perfect for anyone that wishes to protect, store and transport all their valuable end tackle, tools and rigs in a single high-quality box that is complete and ready for action without the need to purchase any further add-ons. • Robust ABS & polypropylene construction • The only all-in-one tackle box on the market • Magnetic lid and hinged double tier design • 29 compartments all with secure lids • Three separate rig boards • Integral measuring ruler • 45 single and 30 double rig pins included • Protected registered design

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