Ridge Monkey Bivvy-Lite Duo IR

It didn’t surprise me that the Ridge Monkey Sandwich Toaster won ‘Best New Product’ in the Carp-Talk Awards 2016; in fact, I predicted it would before we even opened the voting, such has been the popularity of the culinary aid.

However, if I were to pick what I think is the best product in the Ridge Monkey range, it would undoubtedly be the Bivvy-Lite Duo. This great little item has performed admirably all winter long, illuminating my shelter without fault, so it is great to see they’re expanding the range with a remote controlled version called the Bivvy-Lite Duo IR.

Just like the original Bivvy-Lite Duo the new IR version features a rechargeable lithium 2600mah battery that will offer up to 120 hours illumination. I have used mine over several long sessions and fully expected it to die on me, but it seems to keep going forever, for which I’m very grateful and very impressed too. There are four lighting options: bright white, dim white, bright red and dim red. Dim white will give you the longest battery life and bright red the shortest. The compact light measures 20cm x 3.5cm x 3.5cm and weighs in at just 195g. The IR can be operated just like the original Duo via the simple push button on the end of the light, or it can be operated via a handy remote control. Obviously this is great in the winter months when you might not want to be climbing out of the warm sleeping bag to switch the light off, but I really like the idea of being able to switch it on from a distance. When I’m fishing on the river over large rocks this light will make a great addition to my armoury. I can flick the light on as and when needed, making it easy to negotiate the tricky terrain. It is in my opinion worth every penny of the £34.99 RRP.

However you fish, I guarantee you will love both the original Bivvy-Lite Duo and the new Bivvy-Lite Duo IR. Over the coming months there will be a nice protective case for the light and remote control.

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