Ridge Monkey Air Dry System


Having seen several varying designs of air-dry bag, I thought there was little more that could be done with this simple device. How wrong I was!

Ridge Monkey has really excelled with this take on the air-dry bag. Keeping your bait free from mould is essential for all self respecting long session anglers and, unless you are adding some form of preservative to your bait, there’s only one guaranteed means of achieving this feat: air drying. The Air Dry System offers a three-tier design, allowing far greater airflow around your baits. I’ve been guilty of having a single large air dry bag full of bait and not turning it over properly, meaning baits in the middle of the bag are not given chance to breath and mould develops surprisingly quickly. The outer mesh is suitable for freezing and won’t crumble like some others. The top features a solid nylon panel to prevent bird foulings and other detritus falling on your baits. Four strong outer nylon webbing straps and one central strap merge together where a secure quick clip loop allows you to fasten the System to a tree or any other suitable structure. Each compartment is accessible via a simple robust toggle zip sensibly placed to the top of each compartment.

The Ridge Monkey Air Dry System retails at £16.99 and for a limited time comes complete with an eco-friendly bait spoon worth £4.99. Full details about this and other innovative products can be found at www.ridgemonkey.co.uk.

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