Nash Tackle Webcast PVA

The new Webcast and Webcast Ultra Weave from Nash Tackle use a special fast dissolve formulation that is suitable for all year round use and is tough enough for long range casting.

These PVA mesh tubes can easily be tied down into super tight parcels. Webcast features a 1mm weave and is ideal for most applications. Webcast Ultra Weave features a 0.2mm weave, a super fine mesh which is perfect for bags of fry crumb and extra fine pellets – even maggots can be pre-tied without them escaping. Both types of Webcast PVA come complete with storage tube and plunger, so you can easily construct super tight aerodynamic bags. It also offers great value too. Webcast comes in Wide (37mm), Narrow (23mm) and Super Narrow (18mm) sizes on 7m dispensers that retail at £7.99 each. Webcast refills come supplied rolled on card in a resealable bag and each 6m refill retails at £3.99. Webcast Ultra Weave comes in two diameters, Wide (37mm) and Narrow (23mm) and each 4m dispenser retails at £8.49. Webcast Ultra Weave refills come in 4m lengths retailing at £4.49 each.

Nash Tackle has launched a range of PVA products to complement the Webcast products including Fast Melt PVA Bags and Fast Melt PVA Tape.

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