Nash Kaptive Retainer Slings

The new and improved Kaptive Retainer Slings from Nash Tackle are a great bit of kit, perfect for not only weighing your catch, but also securing it in the margin while you prepare your photographic equipment.

The ultra-tough nylon and mesh construction is complemented with nylon straps that run continuously about the base of the sling and up to two metal weigh eyelets. The contours of the gusset have been slightly modified over the old Sling to help keep your catch centralised during transportation and weighing. I have the older version of this sling and love the fact it has a small Velcro pouch to house the supplied retention cord and bankstick fitting. I also really like the slim continuous floats, allowing it to roll away neat and compact. The addition of two reflective strips make it easy to spot even at night and a complete zip system ensures there’s no chance of your catch escaping prematurely.

There are two sizes of Kaptive Retainer Sling available: the standard one measures 100cm long and will cover you for all but the biggest UK carp, and the XL version is the one you want if you’re off chasing the British records or European monsters. The standard version retails at £49.99 and the XL £54.99. You can identify the new Kaptive Retainer Slings thanks to a new red cross Nash logo used throughout the new carp care range.

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