Nash Frostbite Sub 20 Sleeping Bag

We’re well into winter now and, whilst I haven’t done much fishing of late, when I have been out the conditions have been far from favourable.

The only positive from this is it’s given me the chance to try out some new products that I’ve recently been sent; one such item being the Frostbite Sub 20 from Nash.

It’s been a fairly mild winter so I’ve not yet given this bag a full in-depth testing. The lowest I’ve used it in is -1ºC and when I went to bed on that night I zipped myself in like a cocoon to try and keep out the cold. Half an hour in, however, I was stripping the layers off to try and drop the temperature because it was so toasty in there. I ended up sleeping the night out with the zip undone, so my initial thoughts are that this bag will cope with any serious UK weather conditions the hardcore carper would venture out in.

The main reason for the warmth I would say was down to the baffles which are fitted to the inside of the bag. I’m used to putting a jumper or similar at the bottom of a bag to keep my feet warm during the winter, but the Sub 20 comes with a built-in baffle which runs down both sides as well as across the bottom – a brainchild of Mr Nash himself, and it most definitely works!

The heat-retaining baffle system forms the internal core of the bag, and this is backed up with two other layers. The middle core is made from hollow-fill insulation with the outer membrane made from a super-light and waterproof cover which I can vouch works after spilling a mug of tea on it!

For the warmer months of the year, the outer cover can be stripped off to leave a cool summer bag, whilst for the normal sub-zero winter conditions it is advisable to use all three layers. It also features easy-to-use, smooth crash zips which make for an easy exit, webbings to fix the bag to the bedchair, underside pockets for storage of small items like a sounder box or mobile phone, and a compression sack for carriage.

There are two different sizes available: the Standard version measuring 210cm (L) x 88cm (W) and weighing 6kg, and the Wideboy version which is 210cm (L) x 98cm (W) weighing 6.5kg.

As of yet I’ve not been able to find any fault with this bag other than it is quite heavy. However, it is designed to cope with all four seasons including the extremes of winter so I think you’ll agree that its weight is only a minor issue compared to keeping you warm and comfy.

The Sub 20 is available now from all Nash stockists at an RRP of £186.99 and believe me it is a terrific piece of kit.

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