Mega Donation from Bait-Tech

Les Webber got in touch recently to inform us of a huge donation of products from top bait firm, Bait-Tech.

The donation was made to the Angling Projects charity, which allows access to under-privileged children and offers support to schools as well as veterans and adults with learning difficulties. Speaking about the donation, Les had this to say: “Early in October 2017 I received an email from Bait-Tech asking me how much bait I use. That was a hard question because I hadn’t got a clue. But I did pass the comment that if they were prepared to donate a few bags of bait, it would be very much appreciated.

“In February this year, I received another email saying that a pallet of bait was on its way to me. I expected to receive about 10 to 20kgs or possibly a bit more, when it arrived it turned out to be a lot more. About 400kg, as you can see in the picture.

“We do get promised lots of things from tackle/bait companies when we are at shows, but nothing ever materialises. So we are overwhelmed by this donation and on behalf of all the youngsters, veterans and adults with learning difficulties that visit our Centre, I say a very big thank you to Bait-Tech and their CEO, Hayley Goldsmith for the very generous support.”

Angling Projects relies on donations both in tackle and financial support and so if you wish to support them in any way, then please get in touch with Les. It truly is a wonderful project.

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