Mainline Toppers

As the name suggests these buoyant hookbaits are perfect for topping off your regular hookbaits, but having said that, they are equally effective when used on their own.

When used in conjunction with a regular bottom bait, perhaps the same as your feed, they will help balance the overall hookbait if that’s what you want to achieve, but they also add a visual aspect, standing out from your free offerings. The small corn-like shape of the Toppers means that they also make superb single hookbaits in their own right. There’s no reason why you cannot create a stack of multicoloured bait to offer something very different to what the carp have seen before. Toppers come in Essential Cell, Cell and Hybrid flavours, each in a trio of stackable pots that securely screw together. Each pot contains a different coloured bait, with three colours available (white, yellow and pink). Each triple screw pot retails at £13.99.

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