Linear Fisheries set to re-open

Linear Fisheries are very pleased to let you know that the fishery will re-open on Thursday 21st of May – Booking only for the first 48-hours, then business as normal from midday Sat 23rd of May.
This will include all day ticket and syndicate waters. The following will detail how we will manage the re-opening. (There are a few instructions to get through – so please take your time and carefully read through the points below).
– For the first 48-hours we will run the day ticket waters at 50% capacity – this is so we can ease ourselves back into a fully operational fishery and hopefully avoid a major rush.
– The initial ‘opening day’ tickets will be sold via an on-line booking system. You will be able to choose which lake you want to fish but not the actual swim. The site will be at 50% capacity to start, so there will be plenty of pegs to choose from on each water. As an example, there will be 10 online swims available to be booked for Manor Farm Lake for opening day, but there will be 19 swims to choose from when you arrive.
– We have set up a temporary online system, using the web-shop we use to sell our vouchers. The initial booking will be for a 48-hour ticket only, and you will have to commit to which lake you want to fish. Only one booking allowed per person and they will be sold on a first come first served basis.
– There will be a set price for the opening 48-hours – (£55 for 48-hours) (£66 for Hunts Corner Lake) this will cover fishing with up to three rods.
– Anyone showing up on Thursday without proof of an on-line purchase, will I’m afraid be turned away.
– No new tickets will be made available for Friday the 22nd of May. So please do not show up on Friday or you will be turned away.
– To ensure we don’t have any unforeseen hiccups with the online booking system we will make tickets for Hunts Corner and Oxlease Lakes available from 6pm Sunday 17th May. Presuming the system works as it should do (it has been tested but you never know) all other day tickets waters will be made available to book online from 6pm Monday 18th May.
– Please use this link or from our website click the Online Shop option on the home page.
– B-1 and B-2 will open for booked anglers at 8am; Manor, St. Johns and Hardwick/Smiths 10am and Oxlease & Hunts Corner Lake’s 12 noon on the 21st of May.
– From mid-day Sat 23rd May, normal service and pricing will resume and anyone can then show up and fish in the same way as we have always run the site – At this point we will revert back to having as many swims open as we can. (Although some swims may be closed due to social distancing measures). At this point we will be pushing for contactless payments, please don’t bring cash unless there really is no other choice.
– Syndicates will be open from 8am Thursday 21st of May.
– It is impossible to say how many members will show up the first day, but don’t worry. One of the reasons we are limiting capacity on the day ticket waters to start with is so there’s a buffer for Guys Syndicate members if required. If the Guys Syndicate is full, and ONLY if the syndicate is full, your syndicate ticket will be valid on all day tickets waters except Hunts Corner Lake, for the first three nights after opening.
– You must contact a fishery bailiff before using the above option.
– For those who haven’t received their updated membership cards, please bring Photo ID (driving license is perfect).
As if re-opening a fishery the size of Linear isn’t complicated enough, given the current climate – we are carefully watching the weather forecast for next week. It’s currently showing temps into the mid-20’s for next Wed and Thurs. It would just about sum this year up if they start spawning when we re-open. If this does happen we will follow normal procedures and close lakes or areas of lakes where required. If we are unlucky and this were to happen we would move you to another lake if possible or credit your ticket for a return trip (fingers crossed).
A final word – we will be issuing our Fishery Covid-Guidelines next week, ready for your return on Thursday. PLEASE respect what the fishery covid rules and the government is enforcing. If PPE and social distancing measures aren’t followed you will be asked to leave the fishery. Let’s show how responsible all of us anglers can be!
Thanks for your time and apologies for the length of this message but it needed to be in detail.
**And don’t forget – If you don’t get a booking for the first 48-hours you must not come down until midday Sat 23rd of May**
Roll-on Thursday and all the best from the Linear Team.

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