Let It Snow…. In Summer!

The Snowberry was designed over 5 years ago now, by two dedicated year round anglers and since then the bait has become a firm favourite with the whole of the Blake’s Baits team.

Although the bait was originally designed to be a winter bait, it has since gained a great following, with many anglers using it on a year round basis and catching the fish to prove it really isn’t just for winter. Blake’s Baits chose the ingredients in Snowberry very carefully, as they wanted to achieve a finished product which was not only attractive but also highly digestible and genuinely good for carp! The end result was a mix which included milk proteins and tiger nut as a base, combined with three classic fruit flavours and a dash of black pepper essential. This combination gives the finished baits a wonderful smell, which is honestly almost good enough to eat!

The Blake’s Baits team have worked incredibly hard over the last couple of years to give the Snowberry the range on ancillary products it deserves. The range is finally complete and includes the following; Power Lifter fluoro pop-ups, washed out pop-ups, standard pop-ups, wafters, hardened hookbaits, boosted dumbbells, booster spray, flavoured pellets and glug. The last of which is the latest addition to the range. It features no preservatives, and perfectly resembles the baits themselves, with a creamy tiger nut smell, combined with the fruity back note; it sounds like abstract from a cookery show! The glug finishes the range perfectly though, and makes a great addition to spod mixes, boilies or stick mix.


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