Korda Tackle Safe

It may seem from the outside, that the new Korda Tackle Safe is just another tackle box, however their team seem to have taken the humble box and evolved it!

The Tackle Safe is coated in the same rubberised material you find on the range of Rig Safe boxes, which not only looks smart, but protects the system very well. Inside you are greeted with a myriad of clip sealed compartments, which are perfect for housing anything from swivels to hooks, which dispenses with the bulky packaging that clutters up most anglers tackle boxes. Not only that, there are different sized compartments which will take long baiting needles, scissors, Pulla tools etc, with the central uncovered compartment perfect for hooklink spools and other large items. The whole system is kept together with a rather strong set of magnets, which make life that little bit easier. The Tackle Safe retails at £24.99.

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