Korda Reduce Plastic Waste On Packaging

What do you think of the new eco friendly sustainable ready rig packaging from Korda? It’s nice to see they have gone in this direction, let’s hope there is no price increase.

Korda reduce plastic waste
“Korda MD @damianclarke07 said: ”Over the past 12 months, the product development team have been looking at ways of reducing the amount of plastic in our packaging. One of our first designs is these paper wallets to replace the blister packaging in our ready tied rig range. The front now features an image of the product which has been scaled to actual size so that you can see exactly what product you are purchasing.”

Korda reduce plastic waste 2
The first trial will be with the DF Ready Rigs and these will be in selected stockists over the next few months. Keep your eyes peeled for this exciting new move forward from Korda, they are working on several ways to reduce the environmental impact and ecological footprint.

Korda reduce plastic waste 3

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