Korda Krimps

If you’re looking to create sure, neat and tidy rigs with ease then the use of dedicated crimps can be a real benefit.

Korda Krimps are available in two sizes, 0.6mm and 0.7mm, each featuring a special double barrel that should fit snugly around your hooklink before crimping; the better the fit, the better the strength of the crimp. Used in conjunction with a Korda Krimp Tool it is possible to create a join that is actually stronger than any knot. For a long while I was very sceptical of crimped connections, but having used Krimps for over 12 months now I am pleased to say I’ve not experienced one breakage or fault with them; in fact the only tackle failure I have experienced in that time was a series of hook breakages.

The latest Korda Krimps are made from copper rather than brass. This makes them suitable for use with fluorocarbon type materials such as their new Boom hooklink. The latest Krimps also feature an improved matt black finish. Supplied in packs of 50 pieces each retails at £4.50 per pack.


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