FIRST LOOK: Korda Chod Safe

This well designed unit is ideal for housing all your chod rigs and stiff rig hook sections safely and securely.

Its strong, rigid, yet minimal design prevents the sections becoming damaged in transit. Inside there is even a dedicated section for carrying up to three lead-cored leaders (or similar) with the Heli-Safe System. The Chod Safe will hold up to 28 hook sections and comes supplied with 30 single pins which can be stored conveniently in the pop-out handle. Two different sized sections allow storage of long and short rigs. Fans of the chod rig will instantly appreciate this handy storage unit which retails at £18.99. For years I’ve tied up rigs as and when I’ve needed them, which has often left me frantically trying to tie up a fresh rig having found fish feeding in the edge or, having had a fish, fumbling about getting the rod back on the spot. This has undoubtedly cost me fish, so this year I’m going to take a leaf out of Neil Spooner’s book and get myself a couple of Chod Safes and Rig Safes and keep them stocked up with fresh rigs so that I’ve always got the right rig ready to go.

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