Korda Boom

It’s been several months since I first saw this rather nice stiff link material. It’s obviously taken a little while to get everything ready, but it looks to have been worth the wait.

The fluorocarbon material has a nice stiffness and, as the name suggests, it is ideal for making up boom sections for your hooklinks. Although not quite as stiff as Korda’s IQ2 material, which is perfect for creating springy curved sections, Boom is easily rigid enough to kick the hookbait out away from the lead. Boom is crimpable, but you should be sure to purchase the latest Krimps, which are now made from copper rather than brass and have a much darker black finish. The fluorocarbon used in manufacturing Boom has been given a slight tint, making it even less visible over a greater variety of lake beds. Available in 25lb 0.55mm and 35lb 0.65mm, each 15m spool retails at £8.99. I’ve been using this in my own fishing for a couple of months alongside other similar materials and have found it to perform perfectly.


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