Korda Black Singlez

The original Singlez system from Korda was received incredibly well, so it is no surprise that the tackle giants have teamed up with JAG, who designed them, again.

The brand new Black Singlez feature the exact same design as the original model, only this time the metalwork has been machined from solid aluminium blocks and coated in a sexy anodised matte black anti glare coating! The Singlez system works with a buzz bar arrangement, but it isn’t conventional. The buzz bar sits on the ground and is held in position with a spike and optional stabiliser. Then instead of attaching your alarms and butt grips direct to the bars, these are attached to individual uprights which look very similar to a single bankstick. As the new Black Singlez are made using aluminium, they are super light, and offer a great weight saving over the original version. Despite this, the whole system remains super strong and sturdy. The points on the spikes are the only items which are made from stainless steel; this ensures they will stand the test of time and won’t become worn through continuous use.

Black Singlez components are all sold as separate pieces, so you can customise your setup to suit your exact needs. Both two and three rod buzz bars are available in varying widths, with both compact and wide setups catered for. Uprights come in varying heights, all of which can be extended and locked in place with the aid of a knurled locking collar. The main spike is perfect for standard clay banks when used on its own, however if your fishery has loose gravel swims a spike extension and stabiliser are available to improve the system’s stability. If you fish somewhere that has wooden platforms, by purchasing a pair of stage stands, the Black Singlez can be used in place of a pod. Items range from £13.99 for a Spike Extension to £49.99 for a pair of Stage Stands.

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