Kodex StalkyCF Rod

Watching and catching fish at close quarters is undoubtedly the most exciting form of carp fishing. This StalkyCF rod from Kodex is designed to help you in these high-pressured, close-quarters situations.

The 9ft rod has a 2¾lb test curve with a forgiving tip to help prevent hook pulls but ample backbone to keep fish finding the sanctuary of nearby snags. The matt black blank helps you remain unnoticed by passing fish whilst hidden away in bankside foliage.

Each rod is fitted with a handy hook retainer, six lightweight, large-diameter guides, gunsmoke reel seat and a full-length cork handle. Retailing at just £69.99 this impressive rod brings the fun back into carp fishing. Being just 9ft assembled this two-piece rod is also great for stowing away in the boot of your car for those opportunist sessions.

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