Kodex KX-i Rods

Having built up a reputation for supplying great quality products at great prices it was something of a surprise to hear Kodex was venturing into the realm of top-end carp rods.

What the company has created is nothing short of incredible. Utilising the decades of rod-making expertise of their team, they have managed to source a formidable blank capable of delivering the high specification demanded by Kodex on this project. Matt Middleton of Kodex is so happy with the final products, he told Carp-Talk: “Pushing the boundaries of rod design and manufacturing has led to the development of the world’s best-ever carp rod.”

The blanks used to construct these rods utilise a special carbon weave construction that helps eliminate blank twist and distortion, which not only helps deliver the cast, but keeps it straight and true throughout the process – and this remains so even when under extreme load. Zepto-X carbon technology and 55 tonne airforce-grade, high-modular carbon combine to give these rods the ultra-fast recovery required to deliver a baited rig to extreme range. Thanks to these rods, casts of more than 150 yards are now attainable by the masses. You’d be forgiven for thinking these rods have a broom-handle-like action, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The blanks are slim and responsive, with a very quick recovery. The tip is forgiving enough to absorb the sudden burst of power when a big carp makes one last lunge under the rod, preventing unfortunate hook pulls.

The Fuji anti-frap tip ring offers reassurance when loading up for a big cast; the way the line flows freely through this tip ring virtually eliminates frap-ups. The ultra-light titanium TG16 matt black guides greatly reduce the weight of the rod, allowing you to push it through much quicker. This is one of the key reasons these rods make it easy for you and me to cast further. The Fuji reel seat clamps the reel tight to the handle. The flared butt grip gives a sure grip, allowing you to pull the butt of the rod into your body quickly without slippage, and this is finished with a protective etched butt cap.

Each KX-i rod comes with a 1ft extension piece, taking the overall rod length from 12ft to 13ft. This is designed for use when zig rigging where the extra length can make a huge difference when landing fish on very long links.

KX-i rods are available in 3¼lb and 3½lb test curves. During testing I personally found it easy to cast the 3¼lb version, immediately achieving satisfying distances. Initially it was difficult for me to get the best from the 3½lb version; that was until I stepped up the lead size slightly, and suddenly the setup felt so much more balanced and I was punching leads out with ease, definitely a few wraps further than I had with the slightly lighter rods (or perhaps it was just that I rested my arms). Personally if I had to choose between the two I would opt for the 3¼lb version, as I just felt more comfortable using this version.

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