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This season sees the introduction of several new Graviton products from Kodex.

Their Graviton Putty was already a popular product, the high tungsten content making it perfect for adding to your end tackle and pinning everything down. Forthcoming Graviton products include Sink Beads, Sinkers, and the very impressive new Tubing. Being that I already use tubing for 90% of my carp fishing presentations, it was easy to incorporate the new Graviton Tubing into my angling.

Using lengths of tubing as opposed to lengths of leader material such as leadcore, braid or even fused monofilament offers a number of advantages. The main advantage, aside from the fantastic anti-tangle properties, is the fact you can hop from one fishery to the next without having to change your rigs due to various rig constraints. Tubing, thankfully, seems to be the one material accepted by all fisheries. Using the same presentation wherever you go allows you to build confidence in your setup.

Kodex Graviton Tubing is an excellent choice thanks to the large amount of tungsten impregnated in the polymer mix. The addition of this super heavy element means the supple tubing sinks well, taking on the contours of the lake bed. The large bore of the tubing makes threading even the thickest carp lines a doddle; the tubing will comfortably take lines up to 0.50mm diameter. Supplied in two-metre lengths, each costing just £5.49, this has to be one of the best value tungsten tubings available. Kodex Graviton Tubing is available in three rig concealing colours, Weed Green, Mud Brown and Chod Silt.

Sink Beads feature a tapered bore and are great for adding to lengths of leader. Each pack of 12 beads retails at £3.75. The 6mm Sinkers come supplied on handy wire loops, making adding them to your hooklink very easy. Each pack of 12 Sinkers retails at £2.50.

Visit www.kodextackle.com for further details about this and other products in the Graviton range.

Tubing tips

  1. Add a good blob of Graviton Putty to the end of the tubing to really pin it down.
  2. If you are having problems with your tubing coming out of the tail rubber on the cast, simply push the tubing through your tail rubber and add a tiny amount of Graviton Putty. Then pull the end of the tubing back into the tail rubber and it won’t budge!
  3. To make threading thick lines through the tubing a doddle, simply cut your line with sharp scissors prior to threading, this makes a clean sharp end to your line as opposed to a wide flattened end when bitten.
  4. Use short lengths of tubing to maximise casting distance, and longer lengths for the ultimate concealment when fishing in the margins.

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