Kodex Genomic MPG Chod Hooks

Pop-up rigs can be devastating in the right situation. They might not look right at first, especially when you consider all your free offerings are laid out on the lakebed, but their hooking efficiency is second to none.

Some of the most popular and time proven pop-up presentations include chod, hinged stiff, and multi-rigs, and these rigs all have one thing in common: they are tied with a specific style of hook featuring an out-turned eye.

These Genomic MPG Chod hooks from Kodex are the perfect choice when creating one of these aggressive rigs. Each hook features a 15° out-turned eye with a large opening, ideal for accepting the thick and stiff hooklink materials used to construct these rigs. Manufactured from high strength Japanese 130 carbon steel, you can be sure they won’t let you down even in the most demanding situations. The super sharp, beaked point quickly finds a hold and sinks easily into the flesh of a carp’s mouth. A non-flash matt finish ensures they won’t arouse any suspicion from wary carp. Genomic MPG Chod hooks are available in sizes 3, 5 and 7, with micro-barbed and barbless options. Each packet of 10 hooks retails at £3.50.

 Make a multi-rig

  • STEP 1: Create a large loop by tying a figure-of-eight knot
  • STEP 2: Moisten the knot and tease it down to form a tight knot
  • STEP 3: Make a small break in the coating
  • STEP 4: Thread the hook and a rig ring on to the loop
  • STEP 5: Then take the loop over the hook point to form a D
  • STEP 6: Fix a split shot on the link – additional putty may be required to balance your bait
  • STEP 7: That’s it, the rig is complete

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