Kodex Genomic MGP Wide Gape Hooks

The wide gape hook is one of the most popular patterns in use today. Their strong, versatile design makes them perfect for use with all manner of rig types including bottom bait rigs, pop-up rigs, zig rigs and surface rigs.

Kodex Genomic MGP Wide Gape hooks feature an incredibly sharp micro-ground straight point. Each hook point undergoes a special chemical sharpening process and is finished with a final micro-grinding process giving them a consistent long, honed, ultra-sharp point. The slightly inward facing point helps it stay put once embedded. The high-grade carbon steel used to construct these hooks ensures they are strong and durable, so when using these hooks you can be confident they’re not going to let you down. A 15º in-turned eye exaggerates the hook turning process, further enhancing its hooking capabilities. Each hook is finished with a dull non-flash finish which aids rig concealment.

Available in barbed and barbless versions, Kodex Genomic MGP Wide Gape hooks come in a range of sizes including 4, 6, 8 and 10, and with each pack of 10 hooks retailing at just £2.99 they offer exceptional value for money. Further details about these and other Kodex tackle components can be found by visiting www.kodextackle.com


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