Kodex Ectoplasm

How do you make your hookbait stand out from the crowd? There’s a wide range of options available, but few stand out quite like a bait smothered in Ectoplasm.

This thick concentrated liquid is loaded with potent attractors, making it perfect for adding some extra pulling power to your hookbaits. A small squirt of one of these viscous liquids is all that is needed to give your hookbait that extra boost. You can elevate the attraction even further by incorporating a few drops into your bag or stick mix, or by going the whole hog and lathering it all over your PVA bag or stick. If you are using a textured lead, you can work Ectoplasm into the coating; this is especially good when fishing on rivers as it keeps a steady stream of attraction passing past your hookbait for a longer time.

Ectoplasm is available in Almighty Almond, Fruit Burst, Perky Pineapple, Stinky Halibut, and Canny Corn flavours. Each 100ml bottle retails at £9.99. www.kodextackle.com

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