Kodex Chod Rigs

These ready-tied chod rigs are not just aimed at beginners and intermediate anglers. Tied to a very high standard, using quality components, they would be equally at home in the tackle box of the most discerning angler.

Each one is tied to a high tolerance to ensure they are the same length. The rigs feature GenomicMGP anti-glare 130-carbon microbarb Chod hooks, which are strong, sharp and very reliable. The Shape-Shifter hooklink material used to tie them up comes pre-curved, but can easily be manipulated to have a more aggressive curve or even straightened out if you so desire. The 3.1mm rig ring mounted off the back of the hook shank is perfect for attaching your chosen hookbaits. The 4mm loop at the base of the hooklink and size 11 Total-Flexi Swivel allows the rig to move freely, which is essential to ensure excellent rig mechanics and the very best hook holds. Both the rig ring and swivel feature a matt black anti-glare finish to ensure they are as inconspicuous as possible. The forethought and attention to detail when designing and constructing these rigs is top drawer, even down to the construction of the loop off the back of the hook shank. Kodex says this is “specially curved to be offset for the very best presentation and stands-off at 2.5mm, which we believe is the perfect height”. Of course you don’t have to use these solely for chod rigs, simply tie on a stiff boom section and you have an excellent hinged stiff rig.

Kodex Chod Rigs are available in both Long (2in.) and Short (1in.) versions with the choice of hook sizes 3, 5 or 7. The two larger hook sizes are tied to 20lb Shape-Shifter and the smaller size 7s are tied up using 15lb Shape-Shifter. Each pack retails at £4.50 and contains three perfectly tied rigs.

For further details about these and other Kodex end tackle products visit www.kodextackle.com.

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