Hull Particle Black Tiger Nuts

Everyone knows tiger nuts are fantastic baits that work all year around, but they really come into their own during the summer months.

Hull Particle offers a wide range of different tiger nut bait options; Standard, Mini, Large and these Black beauties! If you are having problems with birds picking up your baits, Black Tigers definitely make it hard for our feathered friends to find them. This can be especially useful when you are fishing shallow marginal spots where swans can easily get to your baits – they just cruise over the top of these not even noticing them! To carp, however, they are just as attractive, packed full of sweet natural goodness. I’m sure the crunchy nature of tiger nuts helps make them so appealing. I imagine eating mushy boilies all day long gets fairly boring at times, so the texture of particles like hemp and tigers really satisfies the carp.

Black Tigers are available in 500g bags each retailing at £4.99. Each bag contains a good mixture of different sized baits ranging from 10mm to 25mm. Check out the Hull Particles website for loads more tiger nut options.

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