How To Clean Delkims Bite Alarms

Delkims are known to be close on Chernobyl-proof. But that doesn’t mean they don’t require or deserve a bit of TLC every now and again to keep them in tip top shape. After a rather wet 48 hour session by the bank, one of my TXIs started to constantly beep so after coming home I took all 3 of them apart as best as I could for a good clean.

This also seems to have fixed the constant beep.

Step 1.

How to clean Delkim Alarms Step 1

First thing to do is to flip them on their front, remove the battery cover and battery and leave them to dry off in a warm, dry area. I choose my conservatory but dry to avoid having direct sunlight on them

As you can see from the back they are quite muddy. I left them to dry out for at least 24 hours. The Delkim electronics are coated in a layer of waterproofing, which is why they stand up to the rain so well and why properly drying them out can quite often fix issues with them

Step 2:

If you have covers for them, give them and the battery covers a good bath. Make sure you dry the covers out completely as any moisture left inside will begin to mold, as mine did. You wont be able to get them factory clean again but it will remove any loose mold.

Step 3:

Once you are happy with your covers rinse them off and leave them to dry. Now it is time to start tackling the Dekmins themselves.

Get a large clean cloth and lay it down on the table first. You will then need

6x cotton buds

1x glass of warm water

1x damp cloth

1x compressed air (this is a nice to have so don’t worry if you don’t own any, although it is cheap enough off amazon)

I have quick releases for my TXIs so these also had to be unscrewed to get at the dried mud.

Step 4

Step 4 is a simple one, the cleaning part. Only use tepid warm water, no washing liquid or rubbing alcohol. These could potentially get inside the unit and damage the electronic or dissolve the protective layer of waterproofing.


Dip your cloth in the warm water and give the Delkim a good rub, you can see here how much dirt is coming off!

Step 5

Once done with the wet cloth, repeat the process with a wet cotton bud, using the thinner head to get into the nooks and crannies

Step 6

The 6th and the final step is to spray compressed air in-between where the line lays across the Delkim’s laser. I would strongly recommend against using anything physical to clean these very sensitive parts, like some bait floss, as you could be risking damage. A quick blast of compressed air with blow away any loose dirt or grit

And there we have it. Leave all the part to properly dry off, pop batteries back in and away you go!

As you can see, mine didn’t come up looking factory fresh, but I know that they have been properly cleaned and looked after, and in return they will look after me on the bank

The author, David, is the CEO and co-founder of TackleTarts. The UK’s largest and growing angling tackle marketplace. Visit us for all your tackle needs!

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