HG Baits – 16yr old Hunter Goodburne has big ambitions

Hi, my name is Hunter Goodburne, I am 16 years old and I own a small bait company called HG Baits. At HG Baits we specialize in making highly effective hook baits at an affordable price.

So how did it all start?

During the 2019/20 winter I found myself starting to get picky with pop ups out on the market as they just were not working for me. So instead of paying someone to make them for me I set off on a bait making adventure. I wanted to create a highly effective pop up that would catch me a boat load of fish. So, after many weeks of research into the science behind making bait I bought myself all the gear and ingredients I would need to create them. This wasn’t high end gear by any means. It was a Gardner rolling table and caulking gun. I focused most of my money I had to invest into the ingredients, flavours and attractants, because at the end of the day I knew this would catch me more fish than a perfectly round pop up!

So, after many attempts I managed to get them perfect. Straight away they started catching me fish. More than I ever have before. I was over the moon. After I had caught some fish on them, I gave a pot to a few friends and they also caught on them. From silty estate lakes to tricky Yateley waters they have kept catching. Inside every pot of these I have found confidence inside every pot of these. Anywhere I have presented these in front of fish they have caught. I don’t have the best gear to fish with as I am only young and have no job! So that’s when I realised, I could start selling these pop ups to fund my own fishing. And so, after many evening with mum and dad working out how I could sell them. HG Baits was born! I am currently in the process of my first product release which will be on July 10th. And what better product to sell than the pop ups I had been doing so well on.



The Pop ups

I named the pop ups Fruit Amino because the flavour profile consists of a blend of essential oils and fruit esters. This gives them a lovely fruity smell which the carp love. The amino part to the name comes from a proven amino acid combination which is in the pop ups.

How can I buy some?

  • They will be released July 10th.
  • Priced at £5 for a 50g pot + postage.
  • They are available in 12mm and 16mm in white.
  • All profits will support me as a young angler to keep fishing.
  • Confidence in a pot!
  • Contact me on Facebook messenger or Instagram to buy

For any questions about my hook baits contact me on the following:

Facebook: HG Baits

Instagram: hg_baits

Email: hgoodburne@gmail.com


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