Gardner Tackle Retention Sling

Carp sacks are being replaced by retention slings these days. There is no need to retain carp for hours on end with these products available, and of course they are far safer than standard carp sacks.

This one has been well thought out and extremely well made by Gardner Tackle. It features lightweight material construction, and it really is extremely light so it can also be used as a weigh sling.

It is supplied with a 4m retention cord with fixing points at either end, meaning it can be fixed in position with any flow coming in towards the head of the carp to keep it as comfortable as possible – and it also prevents the Sling drifting around the swim! There are pockets at either end to store the cords; a little thing, but it makes a big difference.

It has soft mesh and large drainage holes on the lower side panels and the bottom,to allow water to flow effortlessly through and escape quickly when transferring from lake to mat. On the upper side panels the material is dark green in colour to help keep the fish calm, cutting out light and allowing for faster recovery.

There are extra large floats for superb buoyancy and high quality reflective strips on the floats, just on the off chance you have an accident but also to keep an eye on your prize in the hours of darkness.

It is amply sized to take very large carp, and it comes with a quality stink bag. For full details on this product and more visit

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