Gardner Tackle Medic Plus

Medic Plus is an angling antiseptic gel which has been designed to keep our lovely carp in tip top condition.

It has been scientifically developed to treat the fish in one step, whether it’s the hook hold or a body sore. The antibacterial gel is made with human grade pharmaceutical ingredients and is perfectly safe for all freshwater fish, mouth and body. It takes a moment to apply; simply squeeze some gel on to the affected area of the fish and rub it in with either a finger tip or cotton bud. The fish can then be returned – simple as that! Gardner Tackle and its team of anglers firmly believe that we owe it to the fish we target and catch to look after them, and this extends far beyond just the unhooking mat. All Gardner Tackle is designed with fish safety in mind, and I believe every angler should carry Medic Plus. Find out more on the GT website:

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