Gardner Tackle GT-HD


GT-HD stands for Gardner Tackle High Definition and it’s the latest line produced by the company which is at the pinnacle of line technology

GT-HD has a magical copolymer formula producing a low stretch line, which gives the angler a very crisp feel. It is exceptionally good for feeling the lead down, especially when distance fishing or fishing in very shallow water when feeling the right drop is imperative, and thus boosts confidence levels. Another benefit is it produces better bite indication, especially at long range, which is great when fishing near snags or tight against islands when a split second can make all the difference! Nothing has been compromised on either; the line is smooth and supple like all the Gardner lines, and it has superb abrasion resistance, great knot strength and it sinks. It comes in a lovely low-viz green and is available in various breaking strains. Go to for full details.

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