Fox Rangemaster Method Pouch Power Grip Catapult

Too few anglers exploit the pulling power of a good groundbait approach, but those who do will appreciate this impressive new catapult from Fox International.

The moulded Method pouch will not tear and features a special sculpted shape that prevents your groundbait ball from being crushed when under tension. On the back of the pouch is a textured rubber grip that gives you a solid purchase even when your hands are covered in gunk. The one piece polymer frame features a curved ergonomic handle that provides increased comfort and control. Fox say: “The curve in handle corrects for and prevents the need for wrist flexion when baiting.” The handle and frame has a teardrop profile that helps prevent twisting in the hand and the wide elastic connections allow improved elastic flow through the frame with reduced tangling too.

Overall the Rangemaster Method Pouch Power Grip Catapult is very well constructed and retails at only £12.99.

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