Fox Horizon X5 Rods

These new rods from Fox are sublime! Built on a high modulus carbon blank that incorporates multi-directional nano-fibres, inter-laminar resin and a 1k carbon wrap, they are capable of casting silly distances thanks to their fast recovery.

The makeup of the blank also improves casting accuracy, even under extreme load the blank stays true, without twisting. With all this power you would be forgiven for thinking they are stiff broom handles, but this is not so, they are still forgiving and have a superb playing action. With such a high calibre blank, it was only appropriate Fox should dress them with the best quality fittings and it was no surprise to see Fuji K-Series Guides throughout, with a 50mm butt ring and 16mm anti-frap tip these greatly reduce the chance of tangles and crack offs on the cast. Black whippings, a Fuji 18mm DPS reel seat, black fittings and understated cosmetics give these rods a high-end custom-built look.

There is a wide range of lengths and test curves each with the choice of either an abbreviated duplon handle or full-length slim duplon. Of all the X5 range the ones I liked most are the Spod & Marker rods. Available is 12ft and 13ft lengths one rod is designed to fulfil both tasks. I have been doing a lot of leading around at range and spodding at range too this year and have been let down a lot by inferior equipment, so as these ancillary rods are the only ones commercially available to feature the K-Series guide they are high on my list of must-have items! X5 rods start at £259.99 for the 12ft Marker & Spod , ranging up to £359.99 for the 13ft 3¾lb slim duplon version. If you are in the market for some top quality rods I highly suggest you give these a good look.

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