Fox FX240 Boat

This is the latest boat from Fox International and is the result of numerous requests from anglers for an inflatable boat that was a bit bigger than the existing FX200, but not quite as large as the FX290. Its compact size is highly manoeuvrable, making it ideal for a host of duties such as baiting up, placing rigs and playing fish, as well aiding in the moving of tackle from one swim to another.

The whole point of one of these boats is they collapse down to a compact size for easy transportation and, once inflated, offer a safe and sturdy platform from which you can go about your business. Constructed with the finest materials, the FX240 features a heavy-duty 0.9mm olive fabric throughout, which is reinforced on the sides and underrails for maximum protection. This material offers more than ample protection from rocks and thorns, without becoming too heavy and cumbersome. The outer tube is blessed with a good number of grab handles, central rowlocks, side ropes, and stainless towing eye and anchor point. The oars themselves are all black and feature square paddles for better performance. At the rear is a solid, reinforced back board for stable engine mounting; it also has dedicated protective pads for echo sounder mounting. The seat is rigid, lightweight and adjustable.

Although there’s nothing wrong with air-deck boats, it is unanimous amongst serious boat enthusiasts that a solid floor is significantly better, and that’s why the FX240 comes with a marine ply floor. Rather than having to remove this every time the boat is deflated, a special design allows the floor to remain in the boat when packing away, saving valuable time at the start and end of every session.

This impressive boat measures 105cm x 58cm x 32cm, weighs 35.5kg and will carry a maximum safe payload of 240kg. With a RRP of £599.99 the FX240 can actually be purchased from most Fox stockists for around £549.99. Fox produces a host of accessories to enhance the boat including FX Electric Outboard Motors (FX28 and FX44), and a new Air Pump too.

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