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The original Digital Scales from Fox proved to be immensely popular and have been responsible for the verification of many British Record Fish. Because of their notable, lofty status it was with some trepidation Fox revamped and upgraded them. Fans of the old versions can rest assured; the new ones are not a gimmick or step backwards; I would say they are a vast improvement on the original scale which I have used for at least 12 years.

The most significant visible change is the absence of built-in weigh handles. This offers a massive weight saving and permits a more compact design. In fact they now comfortably fit in the palm of your hand and are much less of a burden in your rucksack or carryall. They are built to a very high standard, with a solid, robust construction and are protected further by the addition of a high impact PU hard case. Sealed electronics ensure faultless performance; it is worth mentioning that in all the years of leaving the original Digital Scales kicking about in the mud and rain I experienced no faults whatsoever.

They are very simple to use with three push buttons; On/Off, Zero and Units (lb/kg). They boast a whopping 132lb capacity in 1oz divisions which is twice the weighing capacity of the old version. A large backlit display gives a clear reading and battery status too. Tested for well over a year, the Scales are very user friendly and offer significantly improved battery life thanks to their fully off function, meaning they only drain power when they’re actually in use.

When it comes to weighing your catch you can lift the scales with your thumb, or if it is something a little heftier you can slide a storm pole through the stainless steel weighing loop and have two people hold the fish aloft. Alternatively use a weighing crook, which is now my preferred method for weighing fish; even when you’re on your own you can easily weigh the biggest fish accurately with little fuss. The fact the Scales use a load cell as opposed to a spring balance mechanism provides a more stable reading without the display fluctuating wildly, as can happen with a needle and dial face.

At the same time the new Digital Scales were launched Fox also introduced a new Weigh Bar. This dual purpose Weigh Bar features a compact design and comes supplied in its own protective carry case. Comprised of three parts, it can be used as a standard weigh bar or you can screw a pole on to the threaded hook section to create a weigh crook instead. This useful addition retails at £19.99.

The Digital Scales retail at £84.99, but you can expect to pick them up in most tackle shops for around £79.99, which I’m hoping will be a sound investment, especially as I’ve done away with the originals! Further information about these and other useful weighing items can be found at


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