Fish deaths at day-ticket waters

It has been a challenging few weeks for fisheries up down the country, with syndicate water Roach Pit and day-ticket venues Stanborough Lakes and Albert Park all losing carp.

Details about the Roach Pit tragedy are available on page 14, while the situations at Hertfordshire’s Stanborough Lakes, run by Welwyn Garden City Angling Club, and Albert Park, run by Middlesbrough Council, are still ongoing.

At the time of going to Press, Stanborough remained closed after suffering a number of deaths, thought to be well into three figures, of various species due to a serious oxygen crash.

The aerators have since been on constantly and the oxygen levels have improved gradually, though it remains unclear when the fishery will be able to reopen to anglers.

The Environment Agency was called to visit Albert Park after reports of fish deaths and at least seven dead carp have been recovered from the water. However, tests revealed oxygen levels to be around 40-60%, which isn’t believed to be low enough to kill healthy fish. An EA spokesperson said that disease is unlikely, but that a number of factors are making the fish more susceptible to natural bacteria in the water. Temporary pumps have been installed while the lake’s aeration system is repaired.

The EA has been working with Middlesbrough Council and the RSCPA to monitor the situation and try to prevent further deaths. Updates on the situation will be reported on the ‘Env Agency Yorks & NE’ Twitter feed.

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