ESP Terry Hearn Landing Net

‘Masterpiece’ and ‘engineering excellence’ are two phrases that spring to mind when I hold the Terry Hearn Landing Net from ESP. These are not throwaway remarks either; I mean them wholeheartedly.

Designed in conjunction with Terry Hearn, this special net is built around a high modulus 6ft (1.8m) handle that is exceptionally light and rigid, with a slim reverse taper, woven finish, and ergonomic textured grip. The spreader block is produced using a special composite material which combines glass fibres in a polymer matrix. This produces an ultra-lightweight yet incredibly strong central boss that will last a lifetime. Securely pinned and bonded to the handle, this minimalistic spreader block includes a large isotope slot. Extra-long, 44-inch (113cm), carbon arms are finished to the same high specification as the handle. They provide additional reach and gape without hindering manoeuvrability. The arms are further enhanced with the addition of high specification machined and anodized aluminium fittings. A very spacious 1.22m-deep, super-soft, olive green mesh is perfect for temporarily resting your big catch in the margins.

The attention to detail on this new Terry Hearn Landing Net is second to none; it really is a very impressive tool that is a pleasure to use. Retailing at £169.95 this is not going to appear in many starter outfits, but will be fully appreciated by seasoned anglers who have an eye for high quality, functional tackle. Further details about this and other new ESP items can be found by visiting

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