ESP Butt Grips

It’s so much easier to vouch for a product when I’ve actually used it on the bank and one such product that I’ve enjoyed using recently is the latest Butt Grips from ESP.

In fact I have used ESP butt grips for a few seasons now after discovering their older versions offered the optimal grip for my rods, or what I perceived to be right for me. These new Butt Grips still use the same sticky, high-grip rubber compound, only they have been redesigned to offer a lower profile, which I guess is a little more pleasing on the eye, if you are wanting your setup to look ‘right’. The screw fittings are machined stainless steel so will last indefinitely. There are three sizes available, Small, Medium and Large, covering all butt diameters. As a guide, the Small is suitable for abbreviated handles, the Medium for shrink-wrapped handles, and the Large is best for Duplon and cork handles.

I really like the fact these grips are neat and minimal and provide a really good grip, preventing any unwanted movement, yet they release easily when the rod is picked up. Retailing at £3.45 each, they won’t break the bank either.

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