Edwards Custom Upgrades mk1 compact alarms

Back in the nineties Scott Edwards tweaked, customised and repaired his and his friends’ Optonic, Delkim, Bamford conversion and Fox alarm systems. In later years he produced several highly desirable items including the now much-sought-after DMX Snag Pod.

Utilising his military engineering background and knowledge of alarms, he has devoted the past five years of his life into designing, developing and perfecting a custom alarm system from scratch. It is with great pride he is now able to introduce the MK1 Compact remote bite alarm.

First and foremost it was essential the alarms were of a solid build that would last. With that criterion firmly fulfilled Scott moved on to introducing easy-to-use functionality. The finished alarms boast a wide range of features:

  • The special anti-skip line roller works flawlessly, even with slack lines.
  • Intelligent ‘false bite sensing’ when used in conjunction with receiver; the remote receiver will kick in to maximum sensitivity automatically if the roller wheel on the bite alarm speeds up (even when set at minimal sensitivity). This means you shouldn’t experience any false indication from floating weed, etc., but when any significant movement occurs you are sure to know about it.
  • Ultra-sensitive, twin eight magnet roller wheel.
  • Latching LED.
  • Running LED.
  • 10 volume settings.
  • 16 tone settings.
  • Five sensitivity settings.
  • Four LED brightness setting.
  • Height adjustable/removable storm ears.

The remote receiver comes with a removable lanyard, and features a vibration button, LED dimmer button, volume button, and on/off stainless toggle switch. A separate programme button makes it easy to pair individual alarms with the receiver. There’s even a central isotope slot to make it easy to find in the dark.

If you are looking for a new set of alarms with a quality build, these Mk1 Compacts should be given serious consideration. Sets of these alarms come in very nice presentation boxes with everything you need to get you up and running, including many spare screws, etc. Prices vary between £129.99 for a single head and £519.96 for a four-rod set including receiver. For full details about these exciting new alarms visit www.edwards-custom-upgrades.com or call 07511 501302.


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