Dynamite Baits Complex-T

When developing this new bait in conjunction with Terry Hearn the brief was simple: don’t hold back! Complex-T is designed to provide fish with all their dietary requirements, promoting excellent conditioning.

The idea is fish will want to keep coming back time and time again as they realise the satisfying nature and benefits of eating such a valuable food source.

Speaking about the forthcoming new bait Daryl Hodges told Carp-Talk: “The inclusion of Haiths CLO helps create an open texture, thus allowing natural attractants such as those contained within the predigested liver, Antarctic krill meal and LT94 fishmeal to leak out even in the coldest water. Additional ingredients such as spirulina have been included for their exceptionally high protein, amino acids and seven major vitamins and for its lovely natural colouring. Our own exclusive all-year-round feed stimulant provides real pulling power, along with fenugreek and yeast to add some extra interest for the taste receptors and to further promote gut function and digestibility. Complex-T is naturally soft due to all the water-soluble attractors contained within the bait. This really opens the bait up in warm water and also means in cold water the bait continues to work very well, unlike many fishmeals. This soft, open texture is one thing that makes the bait so irresistible to carp ensuring they eat lots of it”

This rich bait smells wonderfully meaty and has a great texture when broken up. It certainly fills you with confidence when you open up a bag and it was great to see such a soft, moist shelf life version too. I really like the look of the new packaging Dynamite Baits is using and the resealable zip lock is a great addition too.

Complex-T comes in shelf life and freezer versions in 12mm, 18mm, 20mm and 26mm diameters. There are a stack of matching ancillary products to really help you get the most for the bait, including pop-ups, wafters, Fluros, cork ball pop-ups, Rehydration Liquid, base mix, hookbait dip, dumbbells and loads more items. Complex-T retails at £10.75 per kilo, but if you get a 5kg bag you only pay for 4kg!


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