DNA Baits Milky Malt range

Arriving at any chosen venue, the key to success is confidence, and using a bait you know works and has caught fish increases your confidence levels.

For myself, one piece in the DNA Baits armoury stands out and that is the Milky Malt range of white pop-ups, wafters and booster liquids. The Milky Malts catch all year but really do come into their own in the winter, whether you are fishing on easy waters or real headbangers! They are without doubt take-anywhere baits.

Meticulous care is maintained at the factory to produce the roundest baits in three sizes. The 10mm size is perfect for PVA bag work and with a little whittle down they will critically balance a size 6 hook perfectly. However, the size of choice for myself is the 14mm which is perfect for using on a chod or hinged stiff rig. There is also an 18mm pop-up which is perfect for mimicking freebies that have swollen up in the water. For the more rig-shy fish, the barrel shape of the DNA Baits Wafters comes into its own, perfectly balanced to hover over the hook, offering perfect presentation.

Using Milky Malt Fluoro Booster Liquid only helps enhance the bait further, and a few drops in the tub ensures they’re all liberally coated. On the waters I am currently fishing, I like to leave a bait overnight and sometimes up to 24 hours, and these pop-ups have never let me down after being immersed for this long. Sometimes they’re in over 20ft of water, too, yet still float after this amount of time – even when pierced!

My style of fishing is predominantly boilie fishing and, whether I’m using the dark red Secret 7 or the pale coloured NuttaS, I will always use a Milky Malt pop-up over the baited area. The carp seem to go for the white bait first and a few captures have come quickly after setting up.

The lads at DNA Baits have got the level of attractors and stimulants just right in these baits, so if you do one thing fish year to improve your catch rates, go to www.dnabaits.com and order some of these proven carp catchers!

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