Cygnet Tackle Baiting Pole & Spoon

You simply cannot beat accurate bait placement for getting a bite. We’ve all seen how effective getting the rig in the right place is whilst stalking and now thanks to the Cygnet Tackle Baiting Pole and Spoon you can do this over a much wider area of your swim.

The eight section put-over carbon composite pole will reach out over 12m and tidily packs away within itself. When combined with the Baiting Spoon and Baiting Spoon Float it allows you to deliver your baited rig and any free offerings with devastating accuracy.

The spoon features a partition which is great if you need to keep wet bait separate from hookbaits, foam and PVA. With the Spoon loaded up with your hookbait and/or feed, you can assemble the pole as you ship it out over the water. The tray is supported on the surface by the high density foam Spoon Float until you reach your required spot. Then you can simply tip your bait and hookbait in exactly as you want it. Be sure to slacken your line so the hookbait doesn’t swing in towards you and away from the loose feed. To return, simply disassemble the pole as you retrieve it. This method can be invaluable for getting under trees and tight to margins and other features.

One trick I really have put to great use in the past is to cast onto the far bank and then walk around and place my bait. I used to do this with a loop of PVA tape through a spare rod. With the rig hooked to the PVA tape I could manoeuvre the rig into position, then as soon as I lowered the rig into the water the PVA melts. Even with an outstretched arm this was only good for spots 12ft-15ft from the bank so this new Baiting Pole opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

The Cygnet Tackle 12 Meter Baiting Pole retails at £129.99, the Baiting Spoon £9.99, and the Baiting Spoon Float £7.99. For further details about these and other useful baiting tools visit

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