Cygnet Splash Mat


Confession time: I never used to give splash mats much thought; all a bit too tarty for me, plus it was just one more item on the barrow and I just did not see the need for them.

Then I shelled out more cash on a set of reels which cost more than my first two cars combined. Then I watched what a two-hour rain storm does to them when they are nicely perched just half a foot above the deck. Then I started to think differently.

Now I can see just how handy a splash mat is when the heavens open and this one from Cygnet is well worth having a look at. The Mat is 73 x 39cm and comes complete with four ground spikes, while the dark colour is handy if you’re struggling to see your indicators against the background. As well as protecting those reels by stopping any grit flying up into the workings (not to mention your prized Delkims), the Splash Mat will cover any vegetation that might be interfering with those bobbins.

The design and quality are exactly what you would expect from the excellent Cygnet brand, so in short, flash reels need looking after and this Splash Mat will help with just that. The RRP of £14.99 is a small price to pay. For further details go to

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