Cygnet Prodding Stick V2

Cygnet’s first Prodding Stick went down a storm, and now the company are pleased to announce they have developed the concept even further.

If you use a boat, a prodding stick is certainly useful, as it takes guess work out of the equation! The Cygnet Stick comes in four sections of 4ft/1.2m which make the total useable length of 16ft. The pole is marked up with both imperial and metric depth markers, so you will be able to accurately gauge the depth of your swim. The end of the Stick comes with two attachments; a disc and a point. The disc is great for feeling the substrate you are fishing over, whereas the pointed attachment can be used to help push your Prodding Stick into the lake bed, if you want to leave it in position as a marker. This is also helped by the bright orange handle which is easily visible even in low light. The handle isn’t only bright it is comfortable and offers great levels of grip, with a safety toggle on the top, you shouldn’t end up losing the Prodding Stick during use. The Prodding Stick V2 retails for £69.99, and comes with a protective carry case as standard.

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