Crafty Catcher Liquid Range

Over the last thirty years, Crafty Catcher have perfected the use of liquids within their baits as a means of soluble attraction.

Now they have decided to bring out a range of liquids for use as bait soaks for boilies, improving the attraction of spod mixes and wetting down stick mixes. Here is a guide to the range.

Corn Steep Liquor- A classic liquid, made from the old school bait sweetcorn. The CSL makes the perfect addition to spod mixes, due it its high solubility. £4.99

Blended Fish Oil- Fish oils come into their own in warm water, and so the Blended Fish Oil makes the perfect addition to floaters, which creates a fantastic slick on the water’s surface as well as giving off a pungent flavour trail. £4.99

Hemp Oil- Needs no introduction, with this particular oil being high grade too, you can be assured your mix will benefit from its rich nutty taste. £4.99

Chilli Oil- Carp love spice, and so I can see this oil being a great addition to any bait, be it boilies, spod mix or stick mix. £4.99

Krill Extract- Krill products have become a household name now, and no wonder, thanks to the high solubility and free amino acids within, they are supremely attractive to carp. This extract form is perfect to be used as a bait soak, and forms a sticky coating on the outside of boilies.£7.99

Tiger Nut Extract- Tiger nuts have been responsible for thousands of captures over the years, however due to their hard shell, they aren’t overly attractive. However the addition of some of this extract, certainly increases the attraction! It does smell almost good enough to eat! £7.99

Salmon Extract- Salmon products are relatively new to the bait market, however they have become a firm favourite with anglers already! This extract is incredibly thick and smells like it would catch a carp or two. £7.99

Liquid Belachan- This fermented shrimp based liquid certainly packs a punch; don’t open it near the other half! £7.99

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