Carpers Essentials Release New Zig Foam Kit

Zig Fishing is one of those aspects of angling that is either adored or hated.
Often neglected as it can be quite tricky, with casting/tangles & depedning on the lake your fishing it can be tough assessing depths, plus playing fish with much longer hook lengths that your standard presentations.
But its definitley not a style to be overlooked as it can quite often be the difference making between a blank or a multiple hit!! When fish aren’t hitting the spots on the bottom or in the edge they are quite often found in those upper layers of the water column & having the ability to quickly fire a zig out & finding those fish can bring big results!!
Our Zig & Floater Range contains all the products you need to include this great style of fishing in your arsenal.
Loader Tools
4 different colours of Foam
4 different colours of Aligner
Available on their own for refill purposes with prices starting at just 75p.
Or for first time users we currently also have 2 kits available.
Kit 1 – £3.00, includes –
1x Loader Tool
4x Pieces of Foam
8x Aligners
Kit 2 – £4.50, includes –
1x Loader Tool
4x Pieces of Foam
8x Aligners
1x Pack of Beaked Point Hooks
(which are now available in size 10 for those who like to scale down)
You have the choice of having all of one particular colour or having a mixture based on your preference.
All products available at their website.

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